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1978 Town Car Transmission Fluid Leak

Greetings from Scotland again Bill!

In March of this year, I had fitted a new sump gasket and an "O" ring type grommet to my car with the object of stopping the leak of trans.fluid.This happens over a period of about six weeks as the car is sitting in the garage.----(maybe I should get out more!) After a couple of months, the car started leaking again!!

Should I be looking elsewhere, other than the sump area for the source of the leak?

I once had an auto box pack up on me on the open road which was VERY stressful, and at aged 77 I'm trying to avoid a heart attack at all costs!!

Any advice would be much appreciated (PS the engine is 7.5 litre VIN 8782A911725/ engine no.8Y82A911725)

Kind regards



Greetings Jimmy -

Welcome back from one Scot to another. Some of these leaks can be difficult to locate at times. Your question.... should I be looking elsewhere other than the sump area for the source of the leak is a difficult task for me as I cannot see the leak on the ground or where your leak is seeping from on the transmission. I think that you should raise the vehicle safely in your garage the next time it will be unused for the time period that is required for it to leak. You can then keep an eye on it and then do a very precise visual inspection when the leak appears in order to exactly pinpoint the culprit. We may be able to provide further advice at that time or you may even need to seek the assistance of a trusted automatic transmission technician after you locate the leak. Those C6 transmissions do not fail because of only a little seepage so there is no need for you to have a heart attack over this. A transmission reseal could prove necessary though sometime in the future. Let us know what you find.





Many thanks for your prompt response and advice will do!

Kind regards,