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1979 Mark V New Owner Questions

Hi Bill -

I have imported a 1979 Lincoln Mark V to Denmark, it has only done 36000 miles from new, when I got the car it stalled if i was to quick hitting the gas pedal, I have cleaned the carburetor and that has helped a lot, but I still have a problem when the is hot and I stop and put it in reverse it stall, sometime it also stall when I go around a corner and not using the gas pedal, perhaps you can give me some help on fixing my problem, I think the car has spent a lot of time parked in a garage, so I also put a new fuel line filter on the car oil and oil filter?



Hi Jorgen -

Unless your carburetor floats were or are set incorrectly your stalling issues sound to me like basic tune up and carburetor adjustments are needed. In any case that is exactly where I would begin. It couldn't hurt to inspect the spark plugs for gap and wear as well. Do you have the necessary Factory Shop manuals to read, understand and perform these basic adjustments?