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1975 Town Car Lights Flashing

Bill -

I have a 1975 Lincoln Continental Town Car. 90,000 original miles. My problem is, after anywhere from 10-20 minutes of driving the car my dash, tail, and parking lights start turning on and off repeatedly. I can hear a click when it does it. Like a relay clicking on and off as the lights go on and off. I do not have the auto dimmer option on my car. Just wondering if it is the relay getting hot and then cycling through an on and off stage. Or if the actual lights on pull switch on the dash is bad?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am restricted to only driving during the day and would love to figure this out so I could cruise it at night. If it is the relays, where is it or are they located? Where can I get replacement relays and switches for the lights. Thank you ahead of time! Look forward to hearing from you soon!




Hi Sean -

Your description of the parking lamp circuit failure sounds like the Park Lamp circuit breaker which is located within the Headlamp switch is fatigued. If so, the h/l switch will need to be replaced. If however any other lights or wiring that are associated with the park lamp circuit are not operating properly and/or could be partly grounded etc. these could be suspect as well. This may include marker lamps, coach lamps, license lights, ash tray lights etc. If you happen to have any existing added on trailer towing wiring, this should also be considered as a partly grounded source in the diagnosis. Another known possibility is a bad electrical connection at the h/l switch itself. This happened to my own 1969 Continental and resulted in the clearly visible hot plug in connection transferring heat to and causing the breaker to cycle as you describe. If your problem is indeed finally diagnosed to be the Headlamp Switch etc. we will be pleased to have you as a customer and supply you with the correct repair parts. Be sure to keep us posted.