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1968 Continental New Owner Questions


I recently purchased a 1968 Lincoln Continental 4-door sedan with the 7.5L 460 motor see attached photos. During some recent driving I have experienced the following 2 problems:

The last few times I tried to start the car I have take the air cleaner off and spray a little carb cleaner/starting fluid into the carb and she fires right up. Is this a choke problem or overall carb problem?
Also after last few rides when I get back home and turn the car off the alternator light comes on and stays on. If I restart the car it starts back up and turn off the light comes back on. The only way to get the light to go out is to disconnect the battery and I hear a click and the light goes out. I checked the battery voltage and it is reading 12 volts resting and 13+ volts when running. I also removed what at first I thought was the voltage regulator off the interior front right fender next to starter relay but this relay was actually the "Master Power Relay" I attached some photos.. Needless to say I figured out where the voltage regulator was (front left next to radiator) but when I went to the local Nappa the counter guy broke the lead off the A terminal on the Master Power Relay. Since this a plug type unit that mounts to frame I figured it just controlled "something else" that used power in the car. With the unit out the car starts up (with a shot of carb cleaner) and runs but I have no idea what this unit controls or does. I did some looking in shop manual for 1967 and the 1968 supplemental and I don't see anything. Do you know what it controls? I see new one costs $135 but I may try to solder the broke terminal and see if holds up.
The windshield wiper arms and blades that came with the car where horrible and the prior owner must have run them with blade off the passenger side because it scratched the window pretty bad. I took off the arms and noticed the one on the passenger had a different shape and the end was bent a little. Since getting new blade inserts I learned the the drivers side wiper holder should actually be the one with the bow or curve is that correct? I have attached a picture.

Whatever insight you can provide would greatly be appreciated.




Hi Joe -

Congratulations on your recent acquisition. It does sound however like you have purchased a car with several existing problems. These are actually very nice vehicles when all systems are operating as they should.

To answer some of your questions, yes, if you need to add starter fluid in order to start the engine there could be a choke or carburetor problem. Can you not determine if the choke is operative when you are adding the starting fluid to a cold engine? Of course the engine could also be in need of a major tune up in the ignition and fuel delivery department but I cannot in any way be certain from here. Do you have any information of the vehicle maintenance history to refer to?

You are correct that the curved wiper arm is installed on the left side (drivers side). The curve allows the blade to completely wipe the windshield curve on the left side.

The voltage at the battery with the engine running should be higher that 13v. This makes me believe that you may have a charging circuit problem. The same problem could be the same fault that is keeping the alt. light on with the ignition off and could be caused by the alternator itself. In any case, the charging system needs to be diagnosed as per the shop manual or by a competent automotive electrical shop. Any unknown tampering with the factory wiring installation or design by a previous owner of course can also cause strange electrical problems

The damaged relay in your photos appears to be the Power Window Safety Relay. We can offer to supply you with a replacement or to test and rebuild yours as necessary. Good luck and let us know how you would like to proceed with this.