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1970 Mark III New Owner Problems...

Good Morning from Arizona:

I recently purchased this vehicle from a "dealer" in Phoenix. Even though the auto has low mileage, 56,500 miles, it has caused me a lot of problems. Before purchasing the vehicle, the dealer showed me many repairs that was made on the vehicle. It has an electronic ignition system installed as well as other repairs on the vacuum system. Left headlight will not close for example, the A/C does not work but the blower motor does. The biggest problem is the vehicle will not go into second gear! The Ford dealer in Starr Valley, AZ says it is the "governor" but will not be able to repair it as there are no parts available for it! I find that hard to believe! So, the vehicle sits and has been for the past four months at the dealer. Can you advise me if there is something else that needs to be considered or what is your recommendation! The other items can wait but without the ability to shift, the vehicle is unsafe to drive.




Hi Rance -

The C6 transmission in your newly purchased Mark III is one of the best automatic transmissions ever built. The further good news is that we at Lincoln Land have many good used parts and repair kits available for this transmission. Many transmission parts suppliers carry gaskets and general maintenance and wear items as well. Unfortunately though, you may have purchased this car a little hastily. You seem to now own a vehicle that you cannot even begin driving at this time because of an existing transmission issue and with my experience on collector cars, more repair surprises may be in your future.

There is good news though for your transmission problem. The greater Phoenix AZ area will have many skilled old school transmission technicians on staff with C6 experience who will be pleased to properly diagnose your problem and repair that transmission. You will need to do some very careful shopping and choose wisely. All of your other Mark III issues will prove equally frustrating however if you are not prepared or able to perform your own repairs and do plenty of reading of the proper shop manuals.

If all of this is new to you and you do plan to keep and drive this vehicle, the best advice that I can give you at this time is to join the national "Lincoln Continental and Owners Club". You can then contact other Lincoln owners in your locality and learn from them where the best capable repair shops are located in your immediate area for this car. We will be here for you when you need any parts and manuals etc. if you need them.