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1962 Continental Horn Issues

Hi Bill,

I have a 62 Continental. The horn does not work. I have replaced the contact brush in the steering column. When I short that brush to ground I hear the relay click. When connect the horns to battery directly they sound off.

Where is the 1)horn relay and 2) breaker and how do I remove them? Are they available; if so how much?

Thank you for your time in this matter


PS: I see the horn breaker is on the primary side of the relay so I guess it looks like the relay is toast. Where is it? How do I remove? How much? Thanks again


Greetings Rick -

The horn relay along with the circuit breaker should be located in the Power Box on the rt. side fire wall on the engine side under the hood. It is unfortunately a cramped location to work in. If you hear a click when you press the horn ring then the relay is a good starting point for diagnosis. An excellent drawing of the circuit and wire colors is shown on page 10-68 in the 1961 Lincoln Shop Manual. If you jump the black /yellow wire to the black wire at the relay, The horns should sound if the relay is receiving power from the breaker and if a click is heard inside the relay when you press the horn ring the relay is very likely faulty internally. These parts are removed by observing and removing their mounting fasteners and wiring connectors. Disconnect the battery first as a precaution. George will include a copy of the page 10-68 along with availability and prices of these two parts in our reply. Good luck with an easy repair.