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1975 Mark IV Blower Motor Cover Removal

Good afternoon guys -

I have a quick question about removing the blower motor lower cover. There is a screw near the firewall toward the driver side. It is virtually impossible to reach due to the ambient air hose fitting serving the sensor. I can loosen the screw by snaking a socket extension up there, but I'm worried I won't be able to get it started back when replacing the cover due to the angle. Is there a trick to this? In other words, can the fitting be removed or loosened from the engine side to get it out of the way? As you all know, the manuals are a little lacking in information on details like this.




Hello Jim -

You are correct. Sometimes the manuals are a little sparse in certain areas. The removal section the in Mark IV section does not show the removal for the blower motor in the Factory Service manual but the Thunderbird section on page 36-45-11 has a very clear step by step procedure that should help you. The Tbird and Mark uses the same HVAC units. Figure 15 on page 36-45 16 has a great drawing of the removal and installation fasteners. I notice that the lower tabs on the lower housing at the firewall are open slotted so that complete removal of the two screws may not necessary. We do not have problems with this procedure but we do find that in some cases we need to carefully and cleverly configure our extensions and sockets etc. in order to reach some areas. If you do not have these important sections in your manual, contact George at our office and he will look after this for you. Hope this helps.