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1969 Continental Lighting Issues

Hi Bill,

My wife and I just bought a 1969 Lincoln Continental last week and we couldn't be happier. It's in great shape outside and inside. Most all the electronics are still working as well. The question I have is with the blinkers. When I use the turn signal on the steering column, I hear it click but the lights won't come on and neither will the indicators on the dash. When I hit the hazard button all 4 blinkers come on and flash. Am I looking at a problem in the steering column with it not being engaged? Found your website, which is great by the way, and thought I would ask you. I order the shop manuals and those should be in next week.

Thanks for your time.



Greetings Kyle -

Congratulations on your recent purchase. Both of the 1969 Continental model styles are great vehicles.

Your turn signal problem is a common issue with all brands of cars and a necessary safety feature to have working. I am surprised that you have no information from the previous owner on this matter from the time of sale to you. As it is, I haven't much in the way any of meaningful diagnostic information to work with in order to really help you at this time. However, I can provide a small list of common failures for you to consider. These are...the turn signal flasher unit (not the 4way flasher unit), the turn signal switch, the t/s fuse or a broken wire somewhere. If you can test and provide me with the colors of the two wires that have 12v of power at the steering column turn signal wiring harness connector with the ignition key in the run position and the turn signals and four way flashers in the off position I may be able to get you closer to the actual problem. We do hope to be able to serve you in the future regarding parts etc. for your Continental as this informational blog is designed to help our Lincoln Land customers.