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1966 Continental Exhaust Manifold Questions

Hi Bill -

I have a 66 Continental with a damaged passenger side exhaust manifold gasket that's leaking. I was hoping for some advice on changing the gaskets with the motor still in the car. Thanks.



Hi Dave -

The removal and installation of the exhaust manifold can be as easy as it looks or may require removal of the head because of bolt or stud breakage etc. The amount of difficulty could be dependent on the vehicle history and when the manifold was last removed as it could have been over tightened at some point in time. Of course we do not have this history information so you may need to find out by attempting to loosen the parts in order to find out. Every disassembly seems to be different in some way from the last. I would advise using penetrating oil and quality six sided sockets or wrenches that are tight fitting and not worn out. If you determine that the head does indeed need to be removed you may want to, depending on the present overall condition of the engine consider doing a valve job. This should include planing the manifold attaching area. More information can be found on the internet on the subject of exhaust manifold removal as many owners and mechanics have been faced with this problem. We have gaskets and new brass fasteners available at Lincoln Land to make assembly and future disassembly easier for you.