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1976 Mark IV Dash Disassembly Questions

Hey Bill,

My name is Harley and I recently bought a 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. I need to remove the dashboard to rewire the radio, which is the part I know. The part I don't know is how to remove the dashboard's wood-grain plate. I have tried all that is obvious to me and I would appreciate it if you could help me with this!

Thank You


Greetings Harley -

Congratulations on your recent purchase.

The step by step procedures with drawings are shown in section 33 and 35 of the factory set of shop manuals for removal of the radio and the dash cluster area. It is quite lengthy and well written. If you are planning on doing your own repairs etc. on your Mark IV, a set of manuals would be a great plus for this and future procedures . We may be able to arrange to print up and send to you only these specific sections for your car. Call our office and ask for George. He is aware of your email and will be able to arrange a print up on the information that you need for this dash board removal work and rewiring that you are now doing.