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1966 Continental Coupe Window Issues


I just recently bought a 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe. I am having issues with the power windows. I can hear the window motors turn on when I push the window switches up. However when I move the switch to roll the windows down nothing happens. This problem is consistent on all 4 windows. I also have to have the switch moved to the bypass position before the switches will operate. I have taken the window motor out on the drivers side to ensure it does work and again the motor on operates when I move the switch to the up position. Can you help me diagnose the problem so I can purchase the correct parts from Lincoln Land.




Hello John -

From your description, it sounds like you are having plastic Gear problems with the motors as well as some switch problems. In your case I suggest that you call Al at our office as he is able to rebuild most of these switches and we are also able to supply parts for the window motor gears if necessary.