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1985 Town Car Running Issues

I've been having trouble trying to get my Lincoln to start. Bought a brand new fuel pump and still nothing. We've checked the relays and they are good. When we spray starting fluid it, it runs, but when we stop spraying it quits. The pump itself isn't cutting on. So I was wondering if you could help me.


Hi Merissa -

We would be unable to tell you what is wrong from here without some serious diagnosing. You will need to have someone with the correct skills, manuals and diagrams along with proper test equipment test this system for you. Unfortunately this early electronic type of fuel injection system has few parts still available for service therefore accurate diagnosis is critical. We may be able to supply you with manuals and wiring diagrams if you do not have any available to make testing easier. Correct diagrams will allow you to view the complete fuel electrical circuit in order to find and test the electrical power path for the fuel pump. Let us know if you would need any of this information.