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1976 Mark Headlight Switch Knob Removal & Follow Up

Hi Bill,

A year ago I began the restoration of a 76 Mark IV Black Diamond. I have been stumped as to how to remove the light switch knob. The car is equipped with auto dimming headlights. The knob does not have a notch / spring release. It appears to be a single assembly which I confirmed by browsing for replacement switches.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Hi Pat -

If there is no release clip between the shaft and knob, the shaft and knob must be removed as an assembly. A release button for this is located under the h/lamp switch. body. The sw. knob is pulled out to the full h/lamp on position and then this button is pressed while carefully pulling the knob and shaft out as a unit. To reinstall, carefully push the shaft back (straight) into the switch and check that it is relocked into position.The battery should be disconnected for this procedure. Do you need a new switch? If so we should have them available.




Excellent, Thank you for the quick reply. I do not know if the switch is functioning properly. If I need one or any other parts I will check with Lincoln Land first.