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2000 Town Car Air Suspension Questions

Hi Bill,

I wondered if you could help me with a problem that I have with my 2000 Town Car? When I start it up, the Air Suspension light is always on. I discovered that by flicking the switch in the trunk on and off, it eventually put the light out and the air suspension then worked as normal until I turned the engine off and restarted it. Sometimes, I had to flick it on and off 6 times, on other occasions, it must have been over 100 times. I figured that the switch was faulty, so ordered another switch, but it was still the same.

I then discovered that if I removed the switch, and joined the 2 bare wires together, then the light always went out first time. After I turn the engine off and restart it, the light comes back on and I need to move the 2 bare wires apart then wind them together again to put the light back off...

I'm in Scotland, so it's not easy to find anyone with diagnostics for it.

Any help would be much appreciated.




Greetings Craig -

I can understand that owning and maintaining an American luxury car in Scotland can be a challenge for you. Most electronic concerns such as yours are usually dealt with at Dealers with the proper FoMoCo authorized diagnostic equipment. Since none of our staff at Lincoln Land has experienced your exact problem with any of our customers vehicles we can only offer you the section of the factory shop manual that deals with the automatic air spring suspension. Having the complete Manual set would be a great asset for you to have over there for this and possible future issues with your Lincoln.

You have already replaced the switch in the trunk and seemed to have eliminated that item as a possible fault so it is possible that the control module or a lazy relay is the culprit. We are fortunate here in that we are able to test these kinds of electronic control problems with good used parts that we usually have on hand. If you cannot locate a Dealer or a shop with the necessary test equipment we are willing to work with you in any way that we can. For further information on any manuals and literature etc. please contact George at our office and he will arrange this for you.