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1968 Ticking Noise

Hi Bill,

I'm a 23 year old who always loved these Continentals, so I just traded up for a 1968 Lincoln Continental with the original 462 v8 in it, The odometer reads 28k and the car still has the original paint from 1968 on it in good condition.

I have been driving it and it runs and drives beautiful, the problem I am having is a ticking/tapping noise that comes from the engine that gets louder when you rev the engine. I was told a lifter might have to be adjusted or I might need new valves but those were just opinions some people gave me without looking in the engine. I want to continue driving it but I don't want to risk blowing the engine.

Where do you think I should start with this fix? Thanks so much!



Austin -

The car looks to be in great shape. After you have checked the oil level you should remove the valve cover on the side of the engine that the noise seems to be coming from. Someone with automotive skills should then try to pinpoint the exact location of the tapping noise if possible. They would be looking for a bent pushrod, damaged rocker or valve parts etc. You may have a bent pushrod from the engine sitting and not started for a long period of time. If you are not experienced enough to do this yourself you should have someone with experience in these matters check it for you. This diagnosis must be done with someone on scene with the car to be accurate. Proper diagnosis may lead to an easy fix for you or further internal issues such as sticky valves or lifter problems etc. Let us know what you find.