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1969 Continental Cranking Issues

Hello -

My name is Undrea. I'm having a problem with my 1969 Lincoln Continental when the Lincoln is cold the car cranks very well but as soon as I drive it for while I cut the engine off it drags when I try to start it back up I have a brand-new starter brand- brand-new battery cables all new ground wires new distributor and distributor cap new points and is the drags after. all the new stuff I put on it but soon the car cools off It starts right back can you help me.

Thank you


Greetings Undrea -

The only advice that I can offer after you have replaced all of these parts is that you will need to do the Starter Circuit tests as described in the Shop Manual. This will include the testing of all of the parts that you have replaced plus a complete test of the battery condition and its ability to supply power as well. Also be advised that the Lincolns of this era ground the battery in Two locations in the ground cable, one at the sub frame and one at the engine. Some vehicles are found to have the ground only at the one location and that will create a problem. The engine may also crank slowly when hot if your tune up specs are not accurate regarding timing and distributor point dwell. One other possibility is a loose Timing Chain, that could cause the issues that you describe. The above suggestions are good places to start.