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1966 Continental Bolt Torque Question

Hello Bill from Dallas TX,

I hope this email finds you well! I'm in the process of re-installing the main rear cap back on the block of my 462.

I have a torque wrench set to 95 FT LBS per the manual.

I can't go over 70 FT LBS and I'm afraid it will end up breaking the bolt inside the block.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can you please advise on what to do and what are the ramifications if I leave it at 70 FT LBS?

Your assistance is appreciated!




Hi Alex -

If the rear main bearing cap bolt torque is 95 lbs. then it should be torqued to 95 lbs. psi. I do not understand your statement " I can't go over 70 lbs." Can you explain in a different way what is happening. Has the bolt started to strip the threads and become loose when you try to torque over 70 lbs. to the 95 lbs.? Will your torque wrench torque other bearing caps o/k or the lug nuts on your wheels to 95lbs. correctly? Is it defective? I cannot determine correctly from here from your information provided whether or not you are doing anything wrong, but in my opinion, leaving a bearing cap torqued at 70 lbs. when the actual correct spec. is 95-105 lbs. could possibly lead to problems if it loosens such as loss of oil pressure, knocking and subsequent engine failure.

To set your mind at ease another idea may be to contact a good local automotive engine rebuilder. For a reasonable fee someone from their shop could possibly visit you and give you a first hand professional opinion on the situation. When you have more information we may be able to help further if required.