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1995 Town Car Battery Going Dead

Hi Bill -

My battery goes flat over night???? But not all the time (it's a new battery) and it has gradually gotten worse, when I put it in park turn it of and remove the key the radio will stay on, the gear shift is/was lose, thought this maybe the problem after some research, it was suggested that the Torx screw under the steering wheel may need tightening, done that the gear shift is now ok, but the battery problem seems to have gotten worse, wondering aloud did I tighten the screw to much, or is the problem elsewhere.




John -

The radio will normally time out after a period of time or if the door is opened. We have seen worn out bushings and loose parts in the steering column that cause wires to pinch and subsequently cause issues. If you suspect a problem in the steering column ( and you seem to believe that there is a problem in this area ) I would suggest that you inspect it thoroughly or locate and unplug each wiring harness that leads up into the column separately overnight for several nights as a test to pinpoint the problem. If you do pinpoint a certain wire plug, you will then need to inspect that circuit in the column. This might seem time consuming but the alternative is to take the car to an electrical automotive shop for diagnosis.