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1991 Continental Low Pressure Alarm

Hi Bill,

I have a 1991 Continental, It has 142K miles.

The Low Oil Pressure Alarm beeps most of the time. I went to NAPA and bought a new oil pressure sensor but for the life of me I can't locate it on engine.

I have searched the internet and no one has the answer.

I have seen items on the internet that the Low Oil Pressure Alarm is a false alarm and just to ignore it, but it is annoying to say the least.

Can you Help?

Steve W.

Weddington, NC


Hello Steve -

The oil pressure sensor switch on a 1991 FWD 3.6 L engine should be located at the right front of the engine according to our wiring diagram. The wire color should be white with a red stripe. If replacing it does not stop the low pressure warning condition a master oil pressure gauge must be installed temporarily at this location in order to test the engine oil pressure with the engine at normal operating temperature. If this test proves that the engine does indeed have low oil pressure, the engine must be serviced to correct the low oil pressure. If the oil pressure is within specifications, then it is time to diagnose the electronics for a faulty module, computer or contact etc. This should be performed only by a competent automotive electrical shop with the necessary test equipment and maintenance manuals. Unfortunately this repair could be costly for parts and labor on this 1991 Continental because parts if needed are also usually difficult to locate for these electronics as the vehicles age.