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1977 Mark V Electrical Questions

Hi Bill -

I am from Germany, I try to help a friend of mine who drives a 1977 Lincoln Continental. He has Problem with the electrical system. I thought it was the Generator. So I remove it and give it to a specialist near my hometown. But he test it and told me the generator is absolute OK and said it must be the generator regulator.

Till today I had never heard, that it could be separated from the generator. I told the specialist to look for this one because he needs to see it to order a new one.
So I search the engine compartment for this part but I didn't find it. I look along the wires from battery and generator but there is no part like he told me to find.

Is it possible that you help me? Is it right that there is an external regulator? Maybe it is in the driver's cab?

Many thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my english.

Greetings from good old Germany



Greetings Stephan -

The voltage regulator for the 1977 Mark V is located under the hood in front of and just outboard of the battery. The operation and testing information is well outlined in the Shop Manuals. Your friend should really invest in a set of Shop Manuals in order to maintain that Mark in Germany. The automotive electrical shop would probably appreciate information from these manuals as well. If we can help you further with manuals or any needed parts please get in touch with our office.