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1975 Mark Seat Track Clean Up And Lubrication

Good afternoon Bill,

I'm cleaning up and upgrading the interior of my 75. I was wondering what solvent(s) are safe to use to clean up the power seat tracks (get rid of all the old grease, grime, etc.) to avoid hurting anything. The grease is pretty dried out. Also, if there is a preferable grease once I get them cleaned up?

Thanks for any help you can provide.



Hi Jim -

At Lincoln Land when the power seat drives are encrusted with dry grease they are completely disassembled and scraped down and then washed with regular solvent. The remaining solvent is immediately washed away with a strong all purpose cleaner and then blow dried out. Many of the parts are even sand blasted before re-assembly and re-greasing. For greasing we use a good quality wheel bearing grease. The idea is to get rid of all the old grease etc. before re-greasing.