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1969 Mark Running Issues


I recently scored a 69 Lincoln Mark III from a friend of mine. When I got the car it wasn't running. I replaced the majority of ignition components and jumped the neutral safety switch because it was broken (this is only temporary). I have also dropped the tank and cleaned out the fuel lines. I recently had the car purring like a kitten until a few days ago when it started to sputter, and now it won't stay running or even start at all. I'm thinking it may be a relay or faulty wire from the ignition relay to the ignition coil because when I crank the car over it gets an intermittent spark not consistent enough to start it. Is their a relay coil or fusible link that I should check to get my sex cat back on the road? I love this car I didn't pay a dime for it and my friend gave it to me because he didn't have the money to make it live. Any information on this will be greatly appreciated from one Lincoln lover to a other.




Hi Christopher -

If you believe that you have an ignition feed wire problem you will need to trace this specific circuit. For this you will need the correct wiring diagram. Do you have the wiring schematic for this vehicle. The ignition coil receives power when cranking and starting from the starter relay. After starting and when you release the key it then receives reduced voltage power through a resistor wire from the ignition switch that is located under the dash and is somewhat hidden within the wiring assembly. This is why the wiring diagram is necessary to trace the power path. Let us know if you would need the shop manual or wiring diagram.