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1966 Continental Lighting And Brake Issues

Hi Bill,

I have a 1966 Lincoln that is having an issue with the brake lights and turn signals. When the brake peddle is depressed the brake lights don't work but if you turn on emergency flashers the and turn the tune signal in a direction the rear light will blink in that direction. The turn signals will not work in any way except when you do this. Also I have a problem with the brake peddle sticking to the floor when you depress it brakes work fine and it has new hoses and master cylinder.




Hello Tanner -

The 66 Lincoln turn signal system is unique to that year and electrically more complicated than previous years and later years. In addition the vehicles built with the tilt steering wheel option use some different parts. Your description of the issues of your turn signals and brake lights cannot lead me to pinpoint a certain fault in any particular part because of the numerous possibilities and the possibility of more than one problem. We have posted several previous replies on the blog dealing with problems such as this and they all lead to this same advice. You or your technician will need to trace the power path of the circuit involved with the use of the correct shop manual and wiring diagram along with a 12 volt test light. Understanding of how the circuit operates and some electrical skills is also a requirement. One extra tip that I can give you is to deal with the easiest part of the issue first. In your case it should be the brake light circuit.

Your brake issue is confusing in that you state that when you apply the brake pedal the brakes work fine and then you say that the pedal sticks to the floor! This is not indicative of good operating hydraulic brakes. The possibilities here are several because I do not know what parts have been installed on the vehicle or if you have purchased these brake parts from us. You could have been using some incorrect parts, the booster could be faulty and sticking or there may even be some missing part etc. We also do not know if your master cylinder has been converted to the safer dual cylinder (as many have) or if the complete system is original. If you have additional information for us we may be able to help somewhat further at this end.