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1966 Continental Possible Fuel Delivery Issues

Hey Bill,

A while back I had a fuel pump issue. The other day I drove her about 12 miles, it was hot/humid here in Miami, but when I went to restart her a couple hours later she died on me. Sounded like she was out of gas. My gas gauge does not work, but I fill up before 100 miles. I put about 5 gallons in from a gas can and she started back up. When I got to the gas station she only took another 10. My book states it should hold 25 gallons...

Any thoughts?

She seems to run fine now and sounds great, just really strange.




Travis -

Your question "Any thoughts"? along with the symptoms seems to tell me that some fuel system maintenance is in your future. What have you checked so far? If nothing you will need to give us some sort of meaningful diagnosis information in order to try to pinpoint the cause of your issue. Your car has indicated to you that there probably will be another no start event soon.

From the sound of your email though and the fact that your fuel gauge is inoperative I would first want to remove the sending unit in the tank for inspection. Not only could the electrical parts be faulty on the gauge portion but the pick up tube could be badly corroded so that the tube has broken and is now shortened and what remains can only supply fuel from the top portion of the tank. This of course is only a possibility but someone will need to perform some proper diagnosis as indicated above. When you can supply us with more information or if you repair it keep us posted so that others will benefit.