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1964 Continental Sedan Deck Lid Hinge

Dear Bill,

I've been browsing the very educational archives of Bill's Corner and am hoping that you can steer me towards fixing something very annoying about my '64 sedan. When I close the trunk lid the left hinge feels as though it's binding - there's always a small 'thud' sound and a shudder. This never happens when I open the trunk lid. I checked the hinge up close with a LED torch but couldn't see anything out of place, nor could see any way to make adjustments. To my amateur eyes the tension rod/spring seems to be installed correctly.

Stumped in The Netherlands



Hello Reijer,

We can't leave you " stumped in the Netherlands"

If you are sure that the rods are installed correctly we would do exactly as you have done....observe that hinge area movement. We would however do this with the help of an assistant (to make sure that you are not locked inside). While you are inside with a good flashlight you need relax and carefully observe all of the movement at the point of the "thud" sound as the assistant operates the trunk lid in order to identify the exact location. Many times a dab of grease or oil in the exact spot will correct these issues. Other times careful and close inspection may reveal some sort of wear at any pivot point or incorrect rod installation that you will need to address. As a further precaution the use of safety glasses for your eyes is also a good idea when you are near these torsion rods. Note...On some installations a clip is used to Tie the torsion rods together at a point near the center under the rear glass. Let us know what you find out.