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1963 Continental Powering Steering Pump Questions

Hi Bill,

I have put my second rebuilt power steering pump on my 1963 continental. The first ones default was blamed on improper bleeding. The current one works, but pushes fluid out of the reservoir were fluid is added. Do you think this a bleeding issue or is there a blockage issue?




Greetings Jeff,

You don't tell us the original reason for replacing the pump or if the second replacement was the ONLY one pushing fluid out of the reservoir. If it was dumping fluid on all three pumps I would suspect a blockage somewhere. If you do suspect blockage, the filter in the reservoir, incorrect filter or incorrect filter installation could cause this. If only one pump was dumping out of the reservoir I would then suspect an interior pump problem with that pump. A pump that has an improperly installed seal could be aerating and foaming the fluid. This is not uncommon and can result in the fluid foaming and overflowing at the reservoir without leaking at the pump itself. When replacing these pumps it is difficult to "improperly bleed" them. The worst scenario is to run them dry in any way. Check out the above suggestions and if you need to, email us with further information. Did you speak with the people that overhauled your pump regarding these issues?