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1966 Lincoln Continental Cooling Issues

Hi Bill,

Let me start by saying; I believe any classic Lincoln enthusiast would agree that you, and your forum are invaluable, and the staff at Lincoln Land provides some of the best customer service I've experienced.

So, here's my situation. I live in Phoenix, and at the beginning of the summer i got out of my car after driving about 15-20 miles, and a few minutes later, i saw coolant running steadily from all over the front of my car. I waited until the car was cooled down (6-7 hours) and checked the expansion reservoir and it was dry. Long story short, after a bit of simple trouble shooting (thermostat, radiator cap, hoses, observation...) i finally discovered a hair line crack about 1.5" long about 3 inches down, along the right side of my transmission cooler, i wasn't stressing because i intended on overhauling the entire thing anyway. I need help with determining whats best for the life and efficiency of this car because i am getting mixed signals. Is it worth it to buy new, particular replacement parts, or refurbish the original parts? if yes, what would you recommend?

Side question. what is your opinion on aftermarket carbs if i am looking for, 1. efficiency 2. fuel economy? have you ever seen a 66 fuel injected? (not sure if that's possible.

Thanks again, you guys are the best -


Greetings -

We are glad that you enjoy the blog. New parts when they are available from FORD are of course the best way to go with many items but now after 48 years, they are scarce. Many new parts are still available from quality aftermarket suppliers. We try to choose the best of the best for our customers when we can while offering alternatives according to the owners specific wishes.

Your radiator can be serviced properly by a good known radiator shop in your area. Depending on the condition of your radiator they will repair the leak and "rod out the core"or if it has suffered from poor coolant maintenance over the years and is a high mileage car it may require replacement of the core. In any case a good shop will advise you honestly and correctly.

Again, and according to your car's odometer reading your carburetor can be cleaned and successfully serviced internally if you have a carburetor issue. However, many owners have been very pleased with installing the available aftermarket new carburetors when their original carburetors are worn out. A new carburetor is the best choice in many cases. Please contact us for further information on any service or replacement parts.

We cannot offer any information on a fuel injection installation for a 1966 Lincoln. Inquiries such as this at Lincoln Land are rare and we usually refer our customers to the engine specialty shops for the latest product information.

The best fuel efficiency on older luxury collector vehicles such as yours can be realistically attained by maintaining a high state of accurate tune up conditions on your engine along with good driving habits. These engines were not designed with a great measure of "fuel economy" in mind . In our experience, spending a great deal of money in this regard only results in a lighter wallet for the owner.

Please call for any further information that you may require.