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1968 Continental Power Steering Issues

Bill -

I have a 68 Continental 462 that has a power steering leak only after running down the road.

It appears to be from the lines near the reservoir, or the reservoir. After it sprays fluid everywhere I can degrease it start it up turn wheel lock to lock and no leak.

What am I missing?

Thanks -



Hi Nate -

Well I don't think that you are really missing anything. The leak is just not surfacing when you are trying to find it. This is similar to finding an elusive slow leak in a tire. In your case the fluid leak may only begin when the oil is hot. I would drive the car on a short road test stopping periodically to observe under the car. When the leak appears, try to pinpoint it and then return to your service area and safely raise the car in order to look closely and find the culprit. This may take time and persistence on your part but you will be successful if you are patient. One part to consider is the rubber return hose from the reservoir to the pump. This hose is originally a special oil resistant hose but some owners have replaced them with heater hose etc. and they can decompose and fail in a short period of time.