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1978 Continental Blower Motor Issues

Bill -

I have a question. I'm working on a car at work and i'm having problems with the blower motor. I'm not getting any power to the resistor at all. If i put power directly to the blower motor or the resistor , the blower will work. But like i said I'm not getting any power to the blower or the resistor. I would like to know where the fuse and relay for this is located. Also if you would have any other ideas as to what would cause this.



Greetings Daniel -

With systems such as Automatic Climate Control one should always have the wiring diagram close at hand when performing any diagnoses on them. The two fuses for the ATC system should be located in the fuse box under the dash on the left side. There will be a 20 amp ( a/c clutch coil) and a 25 or 30 amp fuse. The high blower relay on the firewall is also fed by a fuse link from the battery.

If the blower motor does not operate in any position my best guess would be that the High Blower Relay is faulty and is an excellent item to be tested first. If proven faulty, we can replace or rebuild this relay for you. Do you have access to the wiring diagram or service manual? If not, call us and we can arrange to supply any that you may need.