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1969 Continental Sedan Electrical Questions

I just purchased my first Lincoln, 1969 Continental with suicide doors an I love it. It has power windows and all the motors are good, however the door switches work on all but the passenger side front. I hot wire the motor and the window goes up and down, seems to only get power for the cigarette lighter. The driver door switch does not work for the passenger main window either, however I did get the quarter window working, but only from the driver side. I ordered a wiring diagram hoping this might clear up where the driver door links to the passenger door but who knows.

Thank You,



Greetings Matt -

Yes, having the wiring diagram is the only way to diagnose electrical issues pertaining to the power windows in a logical manner. With a GOOD diagram and a 12v test light you will be able to trace the power path through the switches to and from the pw. motors.The power window circuits are complicated on these cars as you will find out and servicing and /or replacing switches is very popular here at Lincoln Land. Problems can also be found in the motor drive gears and window regulator lubrication areas.