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1979 Continental Turn Signal Issues

Dear Bill -

I recently acquired a 1979 Continental Collector's Series Sedan and having a great deal of fun with it. Several months ago, I replaced the turn signal switch (I have the tip wheel). The switch was generic, and I had to add a brass screw in order to activate the cornering lights. All worked fine, and with a little bit of patience and some solder, I was able to make the repair without having to pull the wheel cover. When finished, the turn signal worked as it was supposed to and both of the cornering lights worked correctly.

Last night, I noticed both of the cornering lights were non-functional. I checked the bulbs and they were both good. I then checked the fuse box and discovered the fuse had blown. I replace the fuse and now the passenger side works as it is supposed to, but the driver's side will not come on. I switched bulbs, and the problem is not with them. I took a volt meter and there is power to the passenger light when activated, but no power to the driver's side.

Any suggestions?

Could the problem be in the switch?

Thank you for your help.



Hello Alan -

Yes, it does sound likely that the wire to the left cornering light is shorting. You will need to trace it from the steering column to the bulb. The wire color from the turn signal sw. should be pink with a yellow tracer (pk/y). Make the tests with a 12v test light and the left turn signal on to activate that cornering light circuit. The problem is probably at the t.s. switch as you suspect.