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1966 Continental Convertible Questions


I recently purchased a 66 Cont. Convertible and it has been fantastic. I have had it for about two months and drive it quite often. I haven't had any issues with it until lately. I don't know if they are major or not except the newest one which prompted me to email you.

Sometimes when I put the top up or down, it doesn't go all the way in the direction I am intending it to. So I will put it back to the last place it was in and drive around or fiddle with it back and forth. All of a sudden it works again. The most common looks to be the front passenger side does not grasp it all the way, but when putting it up, it just stops once the top is in place and the trunk stays open...

The big problem is it wont start. I drove it up the coast of FL about for about 100 miles, not the whole time. Really no more then 20-40 miles at a time with plenty of time in between. Continued to check my fluids and all was well. Then the power steering fluid was low so I added some and drove it back home. Never really felt anything in the steering though, but the dipstick showed pretty low, not even half. I filled it up to full. Got back home, went to drive it down the street for a wash. It started right back up as usual and died on a small slope up hill. I haven't been able to get it started since. Just keeps turning and never goes all the way.

I have never tried turning the wheel while trying to start, but when I do the wheel feels spotty. Not sure if this is normal and the only thing I have done differently since having it is add the power steering fluid.

The gas gauge doesn't work and one time it sounded the same, but I just put fuel in it 40 miles ago... There is no way it is low. I haven't tried spraying starting fluid in it yet. When I take the filter cover off the carbs, when turning the key it sounds very airy...

Please suggest something? I hope you can help.




Travis -

Congratulations on your 66 convertible purchase. They are beautiful cars. Unfortunately though when problems occur they can be a nightmare for an owner if a competent technician is not working on them. Are you at all capable of diagnosis and repairs yourself or do you have a mechanic at the ready to service your Lincoln? Have you or anyone qualified made an attempt to do any actual diagnosis towards pinpointing any of these problems. If not, I would advise you to find such a shop because your newly purchased Lincoln will possibly need hours of diagnosis and repair. If I was to try to correctly address each of the issues that you are describing without at least some prior diagnosis information on your part I could be writing several chapters of a book as some of your issues could be caused by any one of many component failures. Some of these repairs will be simple and easy but some will be involved and costly. Do you have a Shop Manual for this Lincoln?

Your so called "big problem" of the engine suddenly shutting down and not starting again is likely due to an ignition problem, lack of fuel delivery to the carburetor or that the timing chain has slipped a tooth or two. This can only be determined with common tune up diagnosis that can be done in a short period of time for you by an experienced local shop if you are unable to. All of the tune up specs are shown in the shop manual.