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1966 Continental Engine Question

Hello Bill,

I am restoring a 1966 Continental. I have just tore down the engine and everything looks to be in good shape, but I noticed a ridge at the top of the cylinder bore. I am wondering if this ridge is normal or does the block need to be machined? I have included a picture. Please help. I am on a very tight budget but I want to put her back together correctly.
Thank you.



Hello Charlie -

A slight ridge is normal but an excessive ridge will not allow the pistons to be removed easily because of ring interference without reaming out the ridge. I understand that you are on a tight budget but if you re- assemble the engine as it is with new rings and have a problem in that area later how tight will your budget be then? Pistons and rings are in the heart of the engine and back tracking will be difficult and costly at a later date. I do not know the mileage on this engine or its maintenance history. You may well get away with only the installation of new rings but my advice to you is to at least get the on scene opinion of a good known local automotive engine machine shop on your cylinders before you proceed. For a small fee a local engine shop mechanic may be able to drop in where the engine is in order to set your mind at ease.