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1962 Continental Lighting Issues

Hi Bill -

My name is Jeremy i have a 1962 Lincoln Continental with a couple electrical problems . The first problem is when the headlights are on with the high beams, the right turn signal indicator comes on solid instead of the high beam indicator. Also if the right turn signal is activated at the same time, the high beam indicator flashes instead of the turn indicator. All outside lamps seem to operate normally, and if the high beams are not on, the inside lamps function normally as well. However if the headlight switch dimmer is turned to full dim, all the dash lights dim, but the right turn indicator comes on full bright .

Thank you,



Hi Jeremy -

Interesting issue and I like the way that you word your question. It sounds like a trick riddle. Your problem seems to be centered in the instrument cluster area and related as to whether or not the high beams are activated or not. The 62 Lincolns have a printed circuit for these bulbs and for that reason and the symptoms that you describe I think that I would want to start by removing the cluster assembly and examining all electrical paths of the printed circuit board very carefully for "breaks" or other issues. Some of the boards can be repaired easily and some are deteriorated and require replacement. You may even find evidence of a previous repair. While doing this work be sure to ascertain first that the unit and the grounded portion of the printed circuit is in fact grounded as designed during the inspection. A manual with the correct wiring diagram can be a big help in this diagnosis.