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1971 Mark III Wiring Questions

Hi Bill,

Simple question if you don't mind.

Up on the firewall is a 2 prong standard Ford connector that goes to the starter. Red wire & yellow wire. Both were burned pretty bad along with the big cable.

I replaced them all and put a silicone jacket around to protect them. However, I'm sure that the red w/blue goes to the start terminal on the starter. I think the yellow (hard to tell) goes to the same terminal as the battery cable. What I'm concerned about is that when I connect the yellow to the starter, I get a click out of the ABS unit (small load). Am I doing something wrong?




Hi Marty -

The wiring diagram shows a wire at the starter solenoid that receives power in the "on" position and then is routed to a 3 amp "sure track" fuse on its way to the sure track module. When the system was new and in operating condition this caused the Sure Track unit to cycle the system once during every engine "on" position in order to keep these vital brake parts lubricated. The reasoning was that the Sure Track or abs as it is well known today may only be actuated rarely in some parts of the country due to road conditions. The system was therefore kept at the "ready to operate" condition for the owner. This is also explained in the "owners manual".

Today properly operating Sure Tracks are rare and diagnosis along with repair parts are even rarer yet. We are including a photo of the starter and sure track module wiring diagram so that you can see the connection. Do you have the 1971 Shop Manual? This manual will show you the brake system and all of the information that was available to us from FoMoCo back in the day.