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1966 Continental ATC Issues

Hey Bill,

I just recently purchased a 1966 4dr Sedan and am currently trying to get the air conditioning working. It is equipped with the ATC system, my symptoms are as follows: The blower only works in the De-Ice position. The shop manual calls for locating a disconnected vacuum hose from MCU to a tee near the steering column. Is there a vacuum diagram available? Or do you have any experience with the same symptoms. Any help is appreciated.




Brandon -

Yes, we do have the correct Shop Manuals available for your recently acquired 66 and we do have experience with the symptoms that you are describing. This unique 1966 Lincoln ATC control system was only used for the one year. The 67-69 Lincolns used an improved set up supplied by Bendix and the suggested repair for any problems that were internal to the ATC box in a 66 was to convert to the later improved units. Ford supplied a kit at that time that contained a new atc box and control head etc. with instructions for the conversion procedure. We can assemble and supply such a kit to you if one is required for this repair but you should first determine what unit is presently in your car. Yours may have already been converted. A part number can be found on the atc box that will identify the year. Of course you can still trace the vacuum hoses and electrical connections on your car for a possible disconnect but most issues can be found within the atc box and or the control head. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our office.