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1963 Continental Exhaust Manifold Gasket Question

Hello Bill,

The exhaust manifold gasket on the passenger side of the car has just started to leak. Having never replaced one before, are there any tips or suggestions you may have. A few questions: Is it necessary to disconnect the manifold from the exhaust pipe? Could I just remove the 8 nuts and pull it off, is there enough clearance to do it that way? Is it necessary to have it machined or should I use a fiber gasket verses metal? The repair manuals don't really touch on this topic, so I am pretty blind going into this. Any tips or advice would be great! You have helped me in the past with other issues, and it's much appreciated!




Robert -

In theory your statement "could I just remove the eight nuts and pull it off, is there enough clearance " is wishfull thinking in most cases when a vehicle is fifty years old and may have years of corrosion and overtightened components etc. by previous owners. In some cases heads need to be removed for broken studs and refinishing the gasket surfaces of both parts may be required. If you have an exhaust leak in this area you must proceed carefully and do what is necessary to remove and replace the manifold gasket. You may indeed be lucky and need only a new gasket. We recommend and sell a high quality fiber gasket to assure a good seal.