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1971 Mark III Fuel Gauge - Sending Unit Questions

Hi Bill,

You are a great wealth of knowledge and a necessity to our Lincoln culture. I have a question about my fuel gauge, I had a new sending unit installed because the gauge would not read "full". After it was installed everything worked but yesterday when I started the car the gauge went to full then down past empty stayed there for a few minutes then went to half and now wont go back to full. The car has a full tank of fuel and I was wondering what would cause this. I have the repair manuals but not sure were to start trouble shooting.

Thank you in advance!!



Alec -

Assuming that your new fuel sending unit is o/k I would safely raise the vehicle and tighten each of the female connector pins in the plug at the sending unit. These can be tightened separately by squeezing them one at a time to slightly make them oval. One of the wires will lead to a ground connection which also can be checked for tightness at this time. If this does not immediately correct the issue, the wiring from the tank to the instrument gauge, the gauge itself or the new tank unit could be faulty. But if you feel that your sending unit is faulty - contact your supplier. Good luck to you with an easy repair.