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1970 Mark III Restart Issues

Hi Bill,

We recently purchased a 1970 Mark III. It has 50,900 original miles runs great. However, we drove the car for approximately 10 miles, we parked and tried to restart the car approximately 15 minutes later and the car would not start. That battery is fine, but the Mark III still would not start.

Also, there is a mild clinking sound when you turn the ignition switch, but there is still no indications that the car is about to start. About an hour later, the car started perfectly. I assumed the starter was malfunctioning so I bought a new starter and changed it. The car started perfectly quite a few times back to back. I let it run for awhile in park for about twenty minutes and then I cut it off. I attempted to start the car again immediately after shut off and again, it would not start. Only the mild clinking noise when the ignition is fully engaged. There also seemed to be a mild burning odor this time. The car sat for a while and then started flawlessly.

Bill, can you help?


Ahkemon and Stacie


Greetings Ahkemon -

Your key statement " There seems to be a mild burning odor this time " is where I would start. Burning electrical odors are an indications of bad connections. The battery and ALL of the associated cables need to be carefully inspected and replaced as necessary. The battery even though it appears to be o/k should be fully charged and load tested etc. with the proper test equipment. Battery condition has fooled many a mechanic. Let us know what you find and if you need further help or any parts.