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1995 Town Car Trunk Pull Down

Bill -

I was hoping I could tug your ear again?

I have a 1995 Lincoln (Medium Berry) with low miles and I love it. A few bugs here and there but it's 19 yrs. old! Recently my wife "shut" the trunk. The catch in the bottom that has a motor appears to be going up and down as prescribed but the roll around latch attached to the trunk doesn't appear to be catching the motorized catch on the bottom. It looks to have a plastic sheath around the hook that is not isn't rolling over. I sliced the part that seemed to be petruding out thinking that it might be inhibiting the process of the latch "rolling over to catch the ring coming up from the bottom. Is it a repairable item or should I look to Ebay for the entire trunk latch assembly? Thanks so much for your time!!!!




We can and do repair many parts of these latching mechanisms but some are damaged to the extent that a replacement is required instead. We would need to examine yours in order to determine the most cost efficient way to proceed in your case. Call us and ask for details.