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1973 Mark Hard Restart Issues

Hi, Bill:

I bought my 73 Mark IV 460 V8 from you guys about 5 yrs ago. The car starts well, but after it heats up and I stop it, when I try to re-start it, it won't turn over. For example, I drove it about 5 miles to get gas, brought it home, turned it off in the driveway, and then when I went to start it up to pull it into the garage about 5 minutes later, it wouldn't turn over. Then sometimes, after a while, it will start.

Every time I leave the car overnight etc, I have to disconnect the battery.

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice?




Hi Tom -

Your problem sounds like a power draw from a light remaining on or a draw from the alternator etc. Could also be a failing battery or a charging system that is not up to par. You should carefully check for a light remaining on in the glove box, trunk or under hood etc. or even a faulty clock. If these seem ok, the battery,charging system and starter would need to be evaluated by a good electrical shop. Let us know what you find.