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1965 Interior Lighting Issues

Hello there Bill -

I am trying to figure out a little issue with my dash lights. Whenever I turn on the headlights I get all exterior lights. When I turn the knob I get interior lights once it clicks. But I have NO gauge lights. I was wondering if you could offer any advice as to what may cause this. I think I may have my headlight switch rebuilt. But until then maybe I can get power out to the bulbs. I have a Shop Manual and Wiring Diagram. Thank you very much for your time.



Tyler -

The dash light power should originate at the H/L Switch from the rheostat and then through a fuse to the bulbs. Any short in any dash light will blow the fuse. The fuse is a small 4 or 6 amp rating. The problem could therefore be a faulty H/L Switch, blown fuse because of a short or a bad connection. Diagnosis will be required to be sure. If you follow the Wiring Diagram, you need to trace wires 14 & 15 coming off the switch. Let us know how things turn out - we do have replacement switches available if needed.