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1979 Lincoln Continental Sedan Vanity Mirror Light

Bill -
The Drivers side vanity mirror lights do not operate. Passenger side works good. Swapped bulbs all are good. Researched and found out that there are 2 fuses, one 15 amp for garage door opener and drivers side vanity mirror lights, one 2 amp fuse for the drivers side vanity mirror lights. This is from the book : "NOTE-vanity mirror light is on the same circuit as the garage door opener option, however in the driver's visor there is a 2 amp fuse for the vanity mirror lamp. The vanity mirror is protected by a 15-amp fuse and a 2 amp fuse, the garage door opener is protected by a 15 amp fuse only." Located 15 amp fuse #7 on diagram - but can not locate the 2 amp fuse not on fuse box diagrams. Question where is this 2 amp fuse ? And any info on replacing it would be helpful if other things need to come apart.



Hi Don -

We find that the 2 amp fuses are located within the vanity mirror assembly itself. You should be able to gain access to it by carefully prying the lenses off and then removing the screws. The complete circuit, fuse and switches will then be revealed for you to diagnose and service. Caution!! Some of these parts are now brittle and subject to breaking easily. We do have parts available if any are needed.