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October 3, 2013


Greetings Lincoln Lovers -

When diagnosing vacuum operated accessories such as a/c heat controls, vacuum headlamp cover controls and vacuum power door locks etc. on your car a valuable tool for you to use is a Hand Held Vacuum Pump. These pumps which also have their own vacuum gauge display allow you to diagnose many individual vacuum operated components of a system by allowing you to disconnect them and operate them separately with your Pump in order to test their individual integrity. This avoids guessing and replacing parts that are not defective. We at Lincoln Land find these tools along with the vacuum schematic and shop manuals very useful for accurate troubleshooting.



October 1, 2013

1987 Lincoln Town Car Vacuum Issues

Bill -

I have a 1987 Lincoln Town Car. When I accelerate my AC quits blowing out of the dash vents. But when I let off the gas, it starts blowing out the dash vents again. I now took the vacuum lines off and drove the car and realized when you accelerate, I loose vacuum. Replaced all lines under hood and the one under dash looks good. I'm lost. Please help. Feel free to email me or text.



Bobby -

These a/c systems will revert towards high temp. defrost when they loose vacuum because of a leak therefore I agree that you do have a vacuum leak. Are you working on your a/c controls without at least a vacuum schematic? The only way to correct this issue is to diagnose it properly with the use of the correct vacuum diagram and or a Shop Manual. Vacuum can develop a leak wherever it is routed. The leak can be a vacuum hose, vacuum switch or valve etc. From experience I can list 15 or 20 parts that could be a suspected leak. That is why meaningful on scene diagnosis with some skill is required to be accurate and to avoid replacing parts that are not defective. The Shop Manual also explains the operation and adjustments of most of the components. Do you have a vacuum diagram or a shop manual? Please contact us if you do need some literature.