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1995 Town Car Questions

Hi Bill,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your generosity in answer questions and sharing your insight.

I just bought a nice 1995 Lincoln Town Car from a neighbor. It has only 92k and has a great drivetrain. The proverbial "little old lady" had it and I can't get much in the way of records other than it has been subjected to hail. I'm trying to find the color for it. It looks like a "burnt maroon or burgundy"??? I can't seem to find a color code or name on "the net". Any ideas if there was more than one color of this nature??


It performs great....except the steering is so touchy that it can dart if course corrections are not attended to with concentration! I see some sort of "steering-high/med/low" switch on the dash under the left side of the steering wheel. I've tried to use it but it makes no difference in the steering quality. The airbags look like they MAY be to new to the car. Possibly replaced. I saw a post concerning that was similar to mine that you answered. Would the steering be this sensitive on a stuck setting? I just can't see it being normal and selling the car to the general public.

Thanks so much for any resource of time you could spare in the matter!

Anthonny in Birmingham Alabama


Greetings Anthonny -

The original paint color code for your 1995 town car should be shown on the drivers door jamb. Any local body shop should be able to read that code and refer to their 1995 paint code color chart for you.

The lever on the dash that you mention is to adjust the steering effort required to turn the steering wheel. This operation is described in the owners manual or the factory shop manual. However your description of your vehicle " darting" and requiring excess concentration to maintain it on course leads me to believe that you may have some steering linkage, suspension or tire problems. To assess or eliminate the possibility of issues such as this you would need to take the car to a good known front end shop in your area and have someone road test the car. They then would probably recommend a front end inspection on their front end machine. These Lincolns handle beautifully when the steering, suspension and tires are in good shape therefore I would advise you to have your car inspected as advised above as soon as possible so that you are driving safely and enjoying your Lincoln.