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1966 Slipping Out Of Park - Steering Pump Issues

Bill -

My 1966 Lincoln commonly slips out of Park and I need to hold the lever up fairly hard to start the car. I was reading on your blog that this is a common fault caused by the lower steering column bushing. I looked in your catalog and can't find this part. Do you have these in stock. My car does not have tilt wheel.

Also I just put a new seal kit through my power steering pump and now the power steering does not work at all. These pumps look fairly simple and I thought I put it all together OK. There are no leaks. Could this be that it is not priming correctly. Any hints or will I need to pull it all out again?




Hi Tony -

Slipping out of Park is an issue that you would want to correct as soon as possible. The 1964 and 1965 columns have the common lower column bushing problems. The best way to repair this issue on any vehicle though is to visually inspect all of the linkage and bushings etc. pertaining to the shifting mechanism from the transmission to the lower column and up to the shift lever blade and its PARK locking quadrant components. Contact George at our office and he will help you find an illustration on our site that will show you the linkage and column for your 66 Lincoln.

A seal kit properly installed to correct leak issues from a crank mounted P/S pump will allow the pump to operate as before providing the interior components were assembled correctly. If yours was quiet and providing sufficient pressure before the new seal installation, it should be the same but without the external leaks. If the pump was worn out internally and or noisy, new seals will not correct this. If you purchased the seal kit from Lincoln Land please call our office and ask for Al. He will discuss the issues that can occur during reassembly of these pumps. You then can decide exactly what will need to be done to correct the situation. If it is any consolation, many of the best technicians have had problems with these pumps when they replace seals or overhaul them for the first time. They can be tricky.