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1988 Town Car Temp Control Testing Questions

Good Afternoon Bill,

Where can I find the procedure to test the temperature control on an '88 Town Car. I have full cold and full hot but nothing in between. Is there a normal cause for this? I'm thinking temp servo behind glove box, but that's only a guess.


- Dan


Greetings Dan -

The operation of the Automatic Temperature Control system for you car is explained in detail in the 1988 Service Manual. The vacuum and electrical diagrams will also be shown as well as the operation and installation of each component. I myself have never heard of a 1988 Town Car system having your problem of "full cold and full hot but nothing in between" but we have seen many systems with parts that are incorrectly installed and many crossed vacuum lines that create all sorts of strange symtoms. Vacuum leaks are also common anywhere that the vacuum lines are routed and it is very common to have more than one problem. This is why the Shop Manual for correct diagnosis is a must if you are performing your own repairs. If you do not have the necessary ATC information as described above we should be able to help you out if you contact George at the Lincoln Land office and mention your question here on the blog. When you do complete some definite diagnosis we will also be able to help with the necessary parts to finish the repair.