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1993 Town Car Cruise Control Malfunctioning

Greetings from Scotland Bill,

I need your advice in reference to the type and location of the cruise control module on my Lincoln, it has never worked since I bought the car six months ago. Any thoughts on the possible cause and remedy? Would a replacement unit still be available for a car of this age?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I have owned a variety of American cars over the past 35 years and also have a1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car - I love them.

James Whitcombe Doig



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Hello James -

Greetings to you from Lincoln Land. The speed control module is located under the hood and forward from the left hood hinge. These are known to fail but so are some of the other components in the system such as the activating cable and its connection to the throttle body. There was also a factory recall on one of the switches known as the Speed Control Deactivation Switch. This sw. on your car may never have been checked by a dealer or it may be faulty or disconnected. Because you are a long distance away from abundant parts supplies the speed control system on your car should be diagnosed as per the Shop Manual as much as possible to avoid guessing and the unnecessary replacing of components. As a beginning I would start with an under hood visual inspection for disconnected wiring and cable parts etc. If you contact a Ford dealer or an office of the Ford Motor Co. with your vehicle Identification information they will tell you if your Lincoln was ever serviced as per the above mentioned recall. If not they will advise you how to proceed in order to have this procedure performed. They can also advise if any new parts are still available. At Lincoln Land we have many good used parts available for you as well as access to the necessary shop manuals. Please contact us again when you have more accurate information on your requirements and so that we may help you further.