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1978 Town Car Horn Issues

Hi Bill!

I'm having an issue with my 78 Continental Town Car. The horn won't work. It used to work just fine a couple weeks back, but then I took it in for an inspection (a safety for insurance) and it came out with no horn. Whenever I hop in and turn the key (to any position that activates the accessory power, including full ignition) there seems to be a slight hissing (maybe air?) from under the middle of the dash, which stops whenever I hit the horn button. But alas, no sound. I'm struggling to find where the hissing is coming from, but it seems constant. Any tips or help?

Also, just as a side note, would you happen to know anywhere where I can find replacement chrome bumpers? I've looked everywhere, but those things are hard to find for a beauty such as this!

Thanks in advance!


Hello Tom -

You have stated that your horn became non operative after you visited a shop for a vehicle inspection. As the horn circuit can be disabled at many locations I cannot imagine what this other shop may or may not have done with your car from our location here in Florida. Therefore if the problem isn't obvious a technician in your area would need to diagnose the horn circuit beginning from square one with the use of the correct wiring diagram and a test light. It is a simple circuit but the correct wiring diagram and the ability to read it is an asset. The horn circuit is all electric and cannot cause any hissing that I can think of. To find out where the hissing sound is coming from someone with a trained ear near the source should easily be able to locate it for you. Your car has many vacuum operated accessories and many of these are located under the dash so of course I cannot pinpoint the source of the hiss with your description of " a slight hissing from under the middle of the dash". The only item that may activate and emit a hissing noise when you turn the key to acc. or "ignition" is the optional "Auto Lamp" feature if your Lincoln is so equipped. Have you considered this possibility?

George or Chris will advise you regarding the bumpers that you require.