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1971 Mark III Questions

Hello Bill -

Sounds like you know your stuff - I've got one for you. My A/C is charged and ready to go, but will not blow out of upper vents. I took it to an A/C shop and they told me that I have a vacuum hose leak, is this true? How can I track this down?

Also wanted to change steering wheel out for grant wood grain steering wheel would this cause problems.

D. Johnson


D Johnson -

Complete loss of vacuum to the A/C controls will cause the system to default to full defrost and heat. Partial loss of vacuum will cause a drift towards defrost and heat when accelerating. You can track the problem down by reading the vacuum schematics for the A/C and performing the various tests as shown in the shop manual. You can start by looking for disconnected vacuum hoses under the hood and under the dash. In many cases this can be time consuming depending on your skills and if you have a shop manual.

Regarding your steering wheel question I have no knowledge what a grant wood steering wheel is. I would say that you should ask the steering wheel supplier that question.